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ahahaha panda girl bingo i havent seen that name in a while

i miss their flowchart playstyle 

Purple Painwheel is me.

Randy Newman guided me to victory.

Apr 1

Painwheel by Dynneekx


Painwheel by Dynneekx

Theme of Solid Snake
Konami Kukeiha Club


Theme of Solid Snake | Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

Mar 4

Dark Cave / Slowpoke Well / Ice Path


Dark Cave / Slowpoke Well / Ice Path 
Pokémon Gold, Silver, & Crystal Versions 


I decided to make custom R/B sprites for the current Twitch Plays Pokemon team! They’re transparent! Feel free to use them anywhere you like, you don’t have to credit, but it’d be really nice if you did. :>

aaabaaajss (Bird Jesus): Obviously looking holy, the laurels in beak represent victory.
AATTVVV (All-Terrain-Venomoth): Self-explanatory.
OMANYTE (LORD HELIX): The appointed god of TPP, risen from the Lord Helix. It’s facing away from the viewer because it is guiding Red.
AIIIIIIRRR (Air Jordan): Ready to SURF some waves and shoot some hoops.
AA-j (Double-A Jay): Also known as “Archangel of Justice.” It’s the battery bird, who’s had both positive and negative effects on Red’s adventure.


Tinker Knight’s theme is AWESOME. 



just realized the slap bass sample in megaman X is the same one as in the seinfeld theme song

i’ve reblogged this before but it’s honestly a  crime to not reblog this every time it comes up

Shantae - Night Travel 2

Shantae’s kickstarter made me want to actually finish the original Shantae and the soundtrack for this game is just tremendous.

This is one of the songs that can play when it hits night time in non town areas. It’s similar to Simon’s Quest in how the graphics and music switch over to give an uncomfortable feeling as night settles in.

This song in particular is a combination of spooky and just awesome. It’s very dire sounding and just a thrill to listen to. I could feel myself getting more serious as the song started up the first time.

Sep 9

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I’m so honored…